Bay Dance Academy: What's the Latest?    

            Bay Dance Academy: What's the Latest?    

Dear parents...

The most exciting and rewarding part of dance lessons is when you get to see your child perform on stage. Portraying a story like Peter Pan as a dance concert takes a big team effort as sometimes classes are combined on stage and main characters need lots of practice with all students.

 There will be extra combined concert rehearsals in Term 4 on Saturdays in the studio and in the theatre. All theatre rehearsals will be compulsory.

 Dates and times will follow with a separate concert information note.

Now is the time to advise Miss Kate if students will not be involved in the end of year concert as costume's are being ordered and choreography and spacing is being set in class.

If you are a new mum to dance please make the time to talk to other mums that have done the end of year concerts before to gain insight! Costs are kept low and it is a wonderful experience for all involved.                


Miss Kate

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