Bay Dance Academy: What's the Latest?    

            Bay Dance Academy: What's the Latest?    

Congratulations to all Exam Students!

This year there was a 100% pass rate. All students prepared well and looked lovely on the day. There were 43 entries overall.

Participants included:

  Test 1 - Sienna Chalmers, Kyra Martynov, Kirra Horvath, Kasey Lee and Dakota Bradley.

Test 2 -Abby McGuiness, Bri-arna Spears, Olivia Chapman Richards and Ruby McCall.

Bronze Medal - Kara Beaumont, Ariel Chalmers Teagan Mc Farlane, Jasmine Donaldson, Leaunna James and Courtney Jarrett.

Silver Medal - Joshua McCall, Kelsey Dale, Lara Paul and Zarli Robinson.

Elementary Tap - Bianka Lee.

Exam students have received certificates and medals for their achievements.

For future reference exams are a really great way to measure progress, and to document achievements.

The exam material is taught to every student in the studio which enables students to master dance technique. Many students would have received pleasing results if they had entered, as there are so many students working very hard in class and are really improving.





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